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  1. I was working in a warehouse when my doll from FedEx arrived. It came in a plain cardboard box with no markings, which was great for protecting my privacy. The price of the doll was very affordable, and the quality exceeded my expectations. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with both the product and the discreet packaging.

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  2. The entire process was smooth, allowing me to tailor every detail to my liking. When the product arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality and how perfectly it matched my specifications.

    Image #1 from Matthew
  3. The team was incredibly helpful and responsive to all my questions, making sure that every detail of my custom order was exactly how I wanted it. I also appreciated receiving the factory picture of the doll for confirmation once it was finished, which provided me with peace of mind about the final product.Overall, I am very happy with my doll and will definitely be a repeat customer.

    Image #1 from Christopher
  4. The courier delivered my package right to my door, just as expected. What stood out to me the most was how discreetly the doll was packaged. It arrived in a sturdy box that was securely sealed, ensuring the contents remained confidential.

    Image #1 from Randall
  5. Very realistic, fun to use. Size and weight makes it very much feel realistic to use.Highly recommend!

    Image #1 from Sergej
  6. This doll is amazing. Everything jiggles.

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  7. The team was very helpful and patient. I will definitely continue to visit this vendor.

    Image #1 from Ken
  8. Service was great! The website was very helpful in helping me choose the right doll. They have accurate descriptions and pictures with many choices to pick from. After ordering the doll was quickly sent to me. I ordered the doll and had it in my possession within a week. Customer service reached out to me letting the doll was on the way.
    The package arrived in discreet packaging and was not damaged.

    Image #1 from Stilian
  9. Perfect….. Stop wasting time and money with womens and tpe dolls….she is over realistic, so beautiful and a high quality built from head to toes. Thanks to Sexdollsoff team, you do a professionnal job, I will recommend you! I’m really impress by the service you gave me.

  10. I got my new doll and she is beautiful! More realistic than I expected.

    Image #1 from Jeffrey
  11. WONDERFUL DOLL , Exactly as described! Great customer service.

    Image #1 from Kim
  12. Excellent sex doll; Im very happy; the body of this sex doll is excelent and very very beautifull. Im very happy with the doll; Thanks.

    Image #1 from James
  13. I buy maybe 3 or 4 doll from different company from made in China…eBay. and some other company its not right to name that…by the way with my order with SexdollsOff I just find out how they are professional they give the power of buyer..before with others after I pay Situation was not in my control ..but Communication with SexdollsOff and customeRead more about review stating Amazing product and servicer service was perfect…I have to say that was my best experience everything gos smooth they are listening to you and do whatever you want. Just need to say you can trust SexdollsOff believe me you will be more then happy. Thank you SexdollsOff team specially Aileen in customer support.

  14. Amazing first time buyer!
    The silicone is a bit different im sure compared to TPE more about review stating Amazing first time buyerTPE, I have other smaller toys that are TPE but the realism and texture of this doll is mind boggling. every day I go back to interact with her feels like the first day. It’s surreal honestly.
    On top of that some baby powder made a touchable body even more touchable. Just can’t keep my hands off her.

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  15. I really like her. She is so sexy…. Great weight, pussy, breast, anal. All perfect. I love this stuff. Looks beautiful and feel beatifull. Full recommendation.

    Image #1 from Joshua
  16. Good communication, great prices, easy to work with.

  17. The doll arrived with no issues. The main thing I was worried about was getting scammed but Sexdollsoff sent me ready images for my doll once it was complete. I had trouble deciding on which doll initially but when I asked, they sent me ready doll images for the dolls I had my eye on which helped loads when coming to my decision. This doll has unrealRead more about review stating Pretty goodistic body proportions but that’s okay because it’s clearly shown in the photos so I knew what I was buying. Would shop at SDF again.

    Image #1 from Thomas
  18. I received my doll in a timely manner and she was better than expected.

    Image #1 from Henry
    Image #2 from Henry
  19. look fantastic, just the boob that are too hard, if there a jelly fill option myght be worth it.

    Image #1 from Andrew

    Image #1 from Peter
  21. Really… very happy to receive the gifts! the doll very realist better then I thought very happy thank you to the team of sexdollsoff will be doing business again.

    Image #1 from Paul
  22. Ella cumple su propósito y no se queja. Sería mejor si las articulaciones fueran más flexibles. El servicio al cliente me dijo que se volvería más fácil si la movía unas cuantas veces más. Gracias.

    Image #1 from MARCO
  23. A great company. Solid communication and transparency. What you see is what you get.

    Image #1 from Charles
  24. very good attention, they answer all your questions, they are very patient, excellent service. If you want to buy your sex doll, here is the right place. The shipment is discreet and fast, the quality is number 1 many thanks

    Image #1 from Philip
  25. Honestly I couldn’t be happier, this product is just like the real thing, I can’t get enough, I definitely recommend this product, go ahead and get one you will not be disappointed I garrentee you.

  26. I purchased this with item spontaneously and did not have high expectations. I figured it would just be something I tried and then eventually got rid of. This product absolutely blew my mind and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for sex dolls. The material is soft and life-like. Great experiences each and every time. Easy to clean and maintain.

  27. This doll will go good with my collection of toys. The toy was just as advertised. It looks great and feels even better! Shipping was fast. Would recommend and will shop here again!

  28. Was always curious about trying a doll but didn’t want to break the bank. This was actually priced well so I took the risk and it’s actually not bad.

  29. I really like the ribbed feeling inside, it really stimulates you.

  30. One of the essential aspects of any adult torso doll is finding the right size and weight that caters to a variety of preferences. This doll excels in that regard. It possesses a desirable size that feels substantial, providing a genuine and immersive experience. The weight adds an extra level of authenticity, making interactions with the doll feel remarkably close to the real thing.

  31. this is a pretty decent doll for the price , which is a great price for a doll this size, I think…all in all, I think I can recommend it.

  32. Received this item today. Is as advertised. Functions as intended.

  33. As soon as it came I tried it out and I have to say I’m addicted! The wholes are super tight and it is very soft and jiggly.

  34. The product is outstanding and matches the description provided in the product details. The shipping was also prompt and ensured the protection of customer privacy.

  35. It a good product for a first it works well to it not bad for a first one tho it gets the job done

  36. Was delivered fast and it’s pretty durable. Would recommend to anyone in the market for there first one, or just in general if your not trying to spend a lot of money on one. Quality and texture inside a pretty good. Would recommend

  37. This is the third one I have purchased. It works very well and is a lot cheaper than dating.Very satisfied with this doll

  38. It’s very soft. The inner lining feels tight and squishy for a more realistic feel. It has some weight to it so it actually feels like a real person

  39. This doll’s premium TPE material will make me feel on cloud nine, providing the ultimate touch experience that is both soft and soft.

  40. This doll was one of the most amazing doll for my first doll
    Felt good easy to use and was able to make me go multiple times

  41. This is my first time using a doll like this but I was very pleased with the texture and how realistic it felt. Overall, this has undoubtedly taken me on a journey to heaven and back. It has become my ultimate source of pleasure. It’s better than real-life women.

  42. Great feeling breasts. Bouncy and soft, but firm. Fun to grasp, hold, slap, etc. Definitely adds to the experience.

  43. This doll is so lifelike both inside and outside. It feels almost exactly like skin and is very soft to the touch. It felt like it was the real thing.

  44. Great seller and product. Will definitely use again

  45. This doll is really realistic to be honest. Super fun to play with. I used a moderate amount of lubricant. She feels very comfortable, almost like the real thing, I have to wonder if this toy is a real person cast, lol, okay, seriously, this toy is worth buying.

  46. I just got it today and I’ve used it already and I must say it feels great. I’m in love with the product, nice and tight feels great, love the weight of it and detail on it as well.

  47. Firstly this toy is extremely realistic looking.The weight it totes is a big plus it can be placed anywhere and you don’t have to worry about it moving around or nothing that could be bothersome. I totally recommend this doll over all the ones I’ve tried before.

  48. Are you tired of the hand and sock method? This toy brings great pleasure to your genitalia, made me explode in upon seconds, will definitely buy more products from this supplier

  49. This product is the best one I’ve ever seen. From its weight,feel and versatility. No matter which way you use it it’s great and like the real thing

  50. I have to say love the doll more now! It’s actually much better than I expected. Using it is pure enjoyment because I always imagine it as a young and plump lady, who has a perfect weight. Anyway I’m getting along with it well and the size is just wonderful for me.

  51. Overall great product worth the price. Considering buying the larger and heavier product.

  52. Its definitely a “reliever” when the wife’s not around. It does feel really good. I bought it based off of other reviews. And it is definitely worth it!!!

  53. i loved this toy so much man! i was doing it so much

  54. I was very curious.. after a friend at work told me about this product, and others like it. I was a little skeptical and embarrassed, when placing the order. When the package arrived.. It was very discreet, and no one had any idea. Upon using the product.. I was very surprised, and happy with purchase!! For better nights..Easy pick up and clean up!

  55. my bf and i loved this item from beginning to end is definitely worth the buy

  56. I was super surprised at how good of quality it is. It’s easy to clean and has a real feel!! I love it and it’s easy to store as it’s not too big.

  57. First I want to mention. This item look and is as described! and arrived on time!
    Love the details on this torso sex doll, love the weight!, love the plump juicy jiggle breasts!, the feel on the inside is great! And MOST of all I love the plump!, juicy! and very detailed made vagina!, will DEFINITELY purchase again!

  58. You will not be disappointed. Worth every penny, quality is second to none, authentic, legit, reliable, and absolutely amazing. Very realistic, easy to clean and easy to handle.

  59. I love this toy and it’s been good to me for months! Very fun to use often and It will keep me happy for another couple of months at least just make sure to clean it!!!

  60. I purchased this doll in hopes to create content for my only fans! And i really enjoy it i definitely recommend it!

  61. Works really well! Very pleased with my purchase! Very comfortable.

  62. I only had it for 2 weeks but I can say I’m pleased with the performance of the doll!!! You won’t be disappointed if you decide to get this little treasure

  63. For starters this plump doll is definitely a new experience and for those who want a longer experience this will do the trick .

  64. This doll is wonderful. The texture feels close to the real thing. It has enough mass to pretty much stay put regardless of the technique you use. Once your done clean up is quick and easy. The material is very flexible and durable but tight enough where it counts. I am very pleased with it!

  65. I can’t link any photos or videos but this doll is the perfect weight, not too light nor too heavy.The details in the skin and the way it jiggles is so realistic too. Highly recommend.

  66. Product worked a lot better than I expected to and has sparked things in the bedroom. Definitely would buy again.

  67. I enjoy Everything about this product, size it perfect to be discreet and able to put away from unwanted guest. Product feel life like this is the most definitely best product to have when your feeling alone and down and need to let some stress off

  68. STOP RIGHT HERE!!!! If you are looking to spice up your bedroom atmosphere and enjoy some satisfying time with your partner then this is the doll for you HANDS DOWN!!!! GET IT, TRIST ME YOU WILL THANK ME LATER

  69. Actually feels better than expected and for the price, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth! She feels better than some of my more expensive ones!

  70. I have never had anything like this before. I gotta admit its worth the money

  71. This has to be the best doll ever. The quality alone makes it top tier. It’s got some weight to it which makes it feel so real., absolutely love that.

  72. The feel is a game changer.Feel amazing!

  73. this is the first sexy doll I’ve ever tried out. the feel is very soft and realistic, this doll is excellent and highly recommended!

  74. It’s definitely a good product worth buying affordable and you’re getting what you pay for very durable and when it gets delivered, they actually respect privacy so they actually put it in a box that doesn’t have sex toy labeled on it.

  75. This has amazing quality. It feels great and is very sturdy, easy to clean, and overall a great product!!

  76. It’s Soft, Comfortable, and easy to use would definitely recommend! Feels wonderful and the weight adds extra sensation. Overall still an amazing doll

  77. My husband and I were pretty sceptical at first but once this doll arrived we were both happily surprised at both the look and the feel. It is so soft and realistic. All around pleased with this purchase and highly recommend this one!!!

  78. I have a few of these dolls and I have to say this one is my favorite.. and it’s a perfect weight.. and it feels so get it! you won’t be disappointed

  79. This worked like a charm for my husband and he’s super confident after using this! He has always been a little self conscious about his size and this literally worked so well

  80. Used a prize for an adult party. Winner said they love the prize and use it daily.

  81. Really obsessed with this product. I love taking a shower to clean her and then cleaning her and starting again. Totally recommend her. You have to buy, best one out there hands down no question. Love sucking on the chest too

  82. Its a good product, and for the price i wouldn’t go for other one

  83. This doll is wonderful!! It was packaged well, no issues at all. Taking it outta the box, it’s a decent size, not too heavy and is really soft. Very tight on the inside, feels great sliding in when lubed up.
    For the price, it’s top tier and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to buss a good one.

  84. Very stable product. Seems like it will last.

  85. I bought this for my husband and usually he can’t stand male sex toys because he can’t finish but he was pleasantly surprised that he actually liked this one! He even said that it felt like a real vagina

  86. 1st toy I ever got. felt honestly almost real I was very impressed.Overall, I would definitely recommend it feels great. just need to get extra lube for it.

  87. Nothing to complain about, does the job you want done.

  88. this is so good it feels very close to real great buy

  89. The doll arrived in a very discreet packaging fully loaded with everything you would need which was perfect. The doll itself feels very soft on the outside and has a decent weight that it feels more realistic. The tunnels on the doll feel extremely realistic. Cleaning wasn’t too difficult which was great. I would totally recommend this doll because it’s perfect.

  90. I bought this toy few months ago. The moment I laid eyes on the discreet packaging, I knew I was in for an unforgettable experience.

  91. I bought this toy few months ago. The moment I laid eyes on the discreet packaging, I knew I was in for an unforgettable experience.

  92. Very fun for solo or partner play! It does come with a a learning curve but once you figure out how to use it you’ll love it!

  93. I received this product in a very nice package. Upon opening it, I was immediately
    impressed by the high quality of this ultra realistic toy. It is not heavy, which is a
    huge advantage for cleaning. I would highly recommend this product.

  94. Nice weight to it very realistic Great quality and overall great for the price

  95. I like the way the product feels it’s a very good product

  96. Wow very good quality and good experience

  97. enjoy product,labia was even fun to kiss!

  98. This product met all expectations and I am overall thrilled with it. The price was so right. I sure didn’t go wrong!

  99. I had high hopes for this toy. It looked very good with good definition in all the important places, and it felt good, The shipping and packaging were discrete and it arrived quickly.

  100. Feels as close to the real thing as you can get for this price. Highly recommended

  101. The texture of the skin was shocking, super soft and almost realistic. I probably spent more time poking it in surprise than anything else.

  102. Such high quality texture, feels like a real woman. even mimics skin textures, and can get the job done in minutes!

  103. The doll was nice. I enjoyed it very much. I would buy it again.

  104. My boyfriend loves this and it has actually worked since begining to use it

  105. The doll has a pretty good size and weight, I’m satisfied with the holes and the texture.

  106. I really enjoyed watching my husband use this!!

  107. Honestly my libido hasn’t been the best, health problems, so I wanted to get him something to have fun with and this seems to have done the trick. He tried it out and came out of the room saying “yup that’ll work” LOL

  108. This is one of the best things I’ve gotten this year. Relieves so much built up tension wink wink.
    Excellent purchase to make your life just a little bit better.

  109. shipped fast! the material is very realistic and it came discreetly packaged

  110. It feels realistic, very close to the real thing. Happy with the product.

  111. Good size, weight adds realism.

  112. close to the real thing. Good purchase if you’re looking to add some fun to your alone time

  113. This doll is awesome. Anyone who buys this product will be well satisfied. Great price also. .

  114. My guy friend loves this product he said he’s very amazing

  115. I have tried out one or two these body dolls before but this ones BY FAR the best experience I’ve had.The jiggle physics are very realistic as well, though if I had to criticize something it would probably be that I wished the ass was just a tad more pronounced. Still, the price I paid was completely worth it, definitly one of the better models out there and kudos to the craftsman for putting in the work because it really shows.

  116. They have great after sales and great products.

  117. Feels amazing and definitely way better than expected. First toy and I’m enjoying it

  118. This doll is amazing and feels just as so. You will not regret purchasing this doll.I would use a heater before use to make the sensation that much better. I only hope they can make a bigger doll with this same function.

  119. I actually surprisingly enjoyed this item, It’s weird to say but I’ve been using it a lot lately, I’d definitely recommend.

  120. I did find it very useful and way better then I thought at first. No weird smell and feels very skin soft!

  121. This doll is great and I would recommend it to all my friends. The feeling you get when using this is unspeakable I wish everyone could experience this. I want to be able to try more dolls!
    This is my favorite doll I’ve ever owned.

  122. Material is great,good quality and has a good weight to it.

  123. Bought it a few weeks ago but was hesitant to use it….but when I did . I mostly use it for my job but it sure does get the job done

  124. What a wonderful product, it great fun and easy to use. can’t run away or complain, its the perfect companion.. Do yourself a favor and buy this now…

  125. I highly recommend the adult doll to anyone seeking an extraordinary experience. The fast and discreet shipping, combined with the exceptional quality of the supple yet firm material, sets this product apart from the rest.

  126. Love my new doll, delivered discreetly. I definitely enjoy it!

  127. Product itself came in discreet packaging for those wondering about purchasing this.

  128. The material is good, very soft. Clean-up is easy. No complaints so far.

  129. As described, good price point.

  130. Works just as intended great doll

  131. Great doll feels really good highly recommended. like a real person had lots of fun

  132. This doll is incredible. It gives the amazing sensation as close to the real thing as possible. Great buy.

  133. This doll is great for a night in. Good texture and durable.

  134. Sceptic at first, once arrived the weight and look was very appealing. I’d still recommend this. For price and quality.

  135. it looks durable and quality is good I can’t wait to try it out

  136. Does absolute wonders, the quality is great for its price and its yet to fail me once. All three holes feel amazing, and I can’t wait to continue using it.

  137. Who needs a girlfriend or even needs to leave your room when youve got this laying next to you. Buy it.

  138. Crazy how realistic it feels! Definitely does the job!

  139. OMG! This toy is amazing! Very like this touch, very realistic, everyone can try

  140. Realistic product. almost like real skin.Five star.

  141. it feels real and is really durable. i’ve used it many times . amazing product.

  142. No odors, or harsh smells. Product arrived on schedule.

  143. Wow! This is the very first one of these I’ve tried and I keep asking myself… “where have you been all my life?”! It can definitely help you out if your on the fence about it. I would highly recommend this to anyone who asks about it!

  144. You will be very happy with this purchase.From the look to the feel it’s incredible.

  145. This product is the best male dollI’ve tried so far.

  146. Fast delivery, and packaged great .let’s see what this thing can do. This is legit

  147. Life-like feel. Would definitely recommend!!!

  148. The stimulation of this doll is very good and balanced, and that’s what’s most important.

  149. Product worked as described and was built a lot better than expected. Definitely worth the money.

  150. I got this for hubby when I don’t feel like being bothered .. every wife needs to get one !

  151. you won’t be disappointed. Great price point.

  152. This was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t be any happier.

  153. Was fun to try out I always wanted to experience one of these and it did not disappoint. Discreetly packaged, flexible strong material with a frame inside to move or bend into positions.

  154. it’s exactly what you’re looking for compadre

  155. It’s easy to use and very pleasing

  156. It feels real trust me get it

  157. man let me tell you this is the perfect doll, plus the packaging came discreet, amazing product and extremely fast shipping.

  158. Unbelievably soft and squishy and REAL…trust me this worked VERY WELL…SHOCKED ACTUALLY for my first time.Thank You!!!

  159. Overall a great budget but with a lot of use

  160. Definitely worth the price! Very realistic. Great deal great buy!

  161. Very pleased with this product, it works as advertised. It was a little confusing at first but once I got it figured out I have no complaints. Highly recommend this doll. Will be try in more dolls from this company in the future

  162. Takes a while to get used to, pretty good quality

  163. Loved the doll felt so amazing I definitely will keep enjoying this product although it is a bit tight

  164. This can provide a more realistic and immersive experience for users who are looking for a lifelike sex doll.


  166. This was purchased for my husband. He seems to like it. No complaints! There is a definite learning curve with it.

  167. I wasn’t expecting this sex doll to be as good as it is. It does a surprisingly good job and gives a very pleasant sensation.

  168. joy this product. I’ll give it four stars. It really helped me relax, in many ways.

  169. All I can say is wow…. Feels real. Easy clean up. Actually way nicer than I expected

  170. Love this toy. Feels amazing to use and the price is good. Would 100% recommend this! I Hope everyone else enjoys this as much as I do.

  171. good quality and was great price

  172. Whoa…. She feels just like the real thing!
    And yeah, I mean THAT real thing

  173. Great doll!!!

  174. I love this doll

  175. Feels awesome and so realistic, love it! the size is perfect, easy to use and easy to clean.

  176. It was my first sex toy. Should say enjoyed every bit of it and to accept it was too smooth.

  177. It’s extremely high quality and feels absolutely amazing.

  178. Very affordable and feels great, definitely worth buying.

  179. Feels great. Omg who needs a girlrfriend lol.

  180. this is my favorite because the material is more durable and the texture is more noticeable.

  181. Lifelike dolls are designed to look and feel like real humans, with intricate details and realistic features. they can provide a sense of companionship and comfort, especially for people who may be living alone or in need of emotional support.

  182. For a beginner. This thing fell realistic and tight enough. I use it daily and have no complaints. Recommend

  183. It just feels damn good. It’s very tight and can easily keep up with a real woman in terms of its “feel”.

  184. It’s a good toy for the price. Soft and good texture.

  185. This has been a fun addition to our. The internal textures provide good sensations. The wife has enjoyed using it on me and watching me use it.

  186. Overall i like this toy in about 1-2 minutes i’m unloading inside of it.
    The positives are it feels like the real thing and it’s super easy to clean as long as a water based lube is used.

  187. Perfect size for me, easy to use and easy to clean, it is better than my other masturbator and affordable

  188. Amazing product! Inside feels very nice and cleans somwhat easily.

  189. The doll is lovely! her skin is soft and beautiful!!

  190. Feels great, almost real. Will buy again, I recommend it this product.

  191. If this is in your cart,you have made a great decision.Only issue i have is i should have bought one sooner!

  192. Realistic and tight enough. Well worth the money! Discrete service

  193. Honestly, the orgasms from this… Are as good as the real thing. My gf and I are in a long distance relationship and this Honey Gold is amazing for sex. I have this magical item

  194. This is an awesome texture that will make a great buy for average or just over-average guys!

  195. My husband has wanted on for ages so decided to order one as a surprise for birthday – really good quality, especially for the price & left my husband very satisfied.

  196. To be honest, I was more than satisfied. It felt so real, yet different from the wife, like doing someone else for the first time. Clean up isn’t as bad as people make it seem either.

  197. I just cannot believe how good this actually is. I have a significantly higher drive than my partner. This does the job, worth the money and great fun.

  198. OK for when you’re alone. Nothing special, easy to clean

  199. Get seduced by the realistic softness of this super-stretchy pussy, boasting lifelike opening

  200. Realistic and tight enough she’ll give you endless amazing orgasms

  201. Nice design. Each use has produced an amazing, intense leg-shaking orgasm.

  202. Arrive at you in private package and gets the job done. Simple as that.

  203. First off, very discreet packaging if you want it. As for using it, well it works. Easy to clean afterwards.

  204. Don’t have to wait on the wife to get home this thing feels just as real

  205. An amazing recommendation for any experimental couple and a must have for any single guy

  206. Gets the job done feels great.

  207. t is my first sex doll bought and it feels absolutely amazing .

  208. It feels almost real and you will be totally surprised how good it really is

  209. I’m like this doll. Like I said, wow. Money well spent!!

  210. This toy is definitely worth every penny, well built, realistic and soft, easy to clean, and fun to use.

  211. This product is phenomenal. It is truly unbelievable how close the sensation is to the real thing. I would highly recommend it to any guy looking for a quality authentic oral sex experience.

  212. This doll is a super high quality doll! Not only do you get a doll that feels and looks incredible

  213. Upon excitedly opening the discreet outer box. incredibly realistic toy, great intense solo pleasure or spicy use with partner.

  214. I have found it very easy to use and pleasure as well .

  215. With a discreet package, soft and it feels just as good as a vagina in every aspect plus you make it move exactly the way your penis wants it to. I love it- literally!

  216. Supersoft lifelike high quality TPE construction, 7.5 inches insertable length, sensual nubs and ribbing texture inside, I had an orgasm almost immediately after using this thing. It feels wonderful.

  217. realistic pussy opening greets your erection in ultra-soft rubber

  218. Fast shipping. excellent quality. Lifelike feel and suction. Easy to clean. Close to the real thing you can get !!

  219. To be honest, I was more than satisfied. It felt so real

  220. My husband has wanted on for ages so decided to order one as a surprise for birthday – really good quality, especially for the price & left my husband very satisfied.

  221. I love that doll pussy is so warm and inviting , always a satisfying orgasm that doesn’t take much time to achieve

  222. All in all, it is a pleasurable experience .. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a decent different sexual experience

  223. Using this toy for the first time was great, Cleaning the doll after use is easy. A nice simple doll which easy to use and also comes at a affordable price.

  224. Better than any of the others I have purchased. Recommended this to anyone. Add lube and go to town. The feeling is so great!

  225. Great product so far, used it twice and both times have been pretty worth while!

  226. I love the entrance, love the inner texture

  227. It has a very good weight and you can have fun with it. The material feels very good. It is indeed an interesting alternative.The cleaning works very well too.A clear buy recommendation for the price.

  228. To start add some lube , next insert your penis in and enjoy the ribbed canal. Feels absolutely amazing as the tip of my penis goes over each ridge.

  229. I was reluctant as there just isn’t a way to know without trying and once you try, you buy! I am having some fun! 2 holes, many different angles.

  230. Ease of use, still getting the hang of it

  231. So soft , boyfriend loves it, very easy to clean

  232. Its realistic feel brings about vivid orgasms within the comfort of your room, and is always ready to be used again, and again, and again

  233. Realistic and tight enough. Well worth the money!

  234. Where do I start? What am amazing product, looks, feels, and stimulates just like the real thing. Little lube goes a long way with this one. Even after you finish inside of it, easy clean up.

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